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MAR 02, 2015JCR's Opinion on Nikon's Acquisition of Optos Plc
FEB 24, 2015JCR's Opinion on MORI BUILDING's Partial Acquisition of Class 3 Preferred Stock
FEB 24, 2015JCR's Opinion on ASAHI KASEI's Acquisition of Polypore International
FEB 23, 2015JCR's Opinion on Senshu Ikeda HLD's Capital Policy
FEB 06, 2015JCR's Opinion on SoftBank's Subsidiary Sprint's Recording of Impairment Loss
FEB 05, 2015JCR's Opinion on 5 Major Oil Distributors' Downward Revision of Earnings Forecasts for FY2014
FEB 05, 2015Rating Methodology for Capital Instruments Issued by Financial Institutions, etc.
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Tsukuba Bank BBB / Positive => BBB+ / Stable
Shibusawa Warehouse BBB+ / Stable
Chuo Warehouse BBB+ / Stable
Yasuda Logistics BBB+ / Stable