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MAR 27, 2015Notice Regarding Change in Executive Officers
MAR 26, 2015JCR's Opinion on JX Holdings' Revisions to Full-year Forecasts and Reporting of Impairment Losses
MAR 26, 2015JCR's Opinion on Corrections in Summary of Financial Results by Showa Denko and SHOKO
MAR 26, 2015JCR Rating Transition Matrices and Cumulative Default Rates
MAR 23, 2015JCR's Opinion on Century Tokyo Leasing's Acquisition of Shares in CSI Leasing
MAR 18, 2015JCR's Opinion on Decision on decommissioning Nuclear Power Plants by 4 Power Companies
MAR 16, 2015JCR's Opinion on Toyo Tire & Rubber's Failure to Meet Government-set Safety Standards
Latest Ratings MAR 27, 2015
Issuer New Reviewed
Takata #A-[Negative] => BBB+ / Negative
#J-1[Negative] => J-2
NICHIAS BBB+ BBB+ / Stable => Positive
Kyushu University AAA / Stable
Aichi Prefecture AAA
JK Holdings BBB- / Stable
Japan AAA / Stable
Chigin Kyodo Funding/Nishi-Nippon City Bank J-1