About JCR

Message from the President

Shokichi Takagi, President
Shokichi Takagi, President

Since its inception in April 1985 JCR has undergone such a great many difficult times, which includes the bust of real estate bubbles in Japan, Asian financial crisis, Lehman Shock, European sovereign debt crisis, and East Japan Tsunamis, and at each and every time it witnessed how seriously those events affected the financial markets. It is our honor that at all times JCR has managed to sustain its independence and fairness in the rating actions, and made its best efforts to raise the quality of credit ratings and thereby ascertain trust in the market.

As financial globalization has made progress, JCR, as most remarkable credit rating agency of Japan, also keeps initiatives to satisfy its client issuers and the investors in their growing and new kind of demands toward internationalization. JCR is officially recognized not only in Japan, but also in the United States, Europe, Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand, and JCR’s ratings can be utilized in the major overseas markets.

It remains my full intention to honor the issuers and investors’ trust and make JCR be of ever greater contributor to not only Japan’s but also global economic growth and development as a provider of its financial and economic infrastructure.

Company Introduction

JCR is one of leading credit rating agencies in Japan and is an expert at credit risk analysis.

More than 60% of about 1,000 issuers in Japan whose credit ratings are publicized have obtained JCR’s ratings, and this means that JCR has top level rating track records and coverage. In particular, JCR’s rating coverages for financial industry and distribution industry are at high level of more than 70%. With such trust from the market, the good majority of issuers in Japan’s straight bond market nowadays raise funds using JCR’s ratings.

JCR has also assigned credit ratings for more than 200 overseas issuers and is officially registered or certified as a credit rating agency in the major markets in the U.S. and EU. As financial globalization has made progress, credit ratings which can be used internationally have been required as important criteria to evaluate credit risk, in bond markets. As a credit rating agency which can meet such demands, JCR has been given high evaluation in international financial markets.