Seminar & Training

JCR frequently organizes seminars and training courses on various topics of investors’ interest. In the seminars, JCR’s analysts explain their analytical perspectives, both quantitative and qualitative, based on the industry’s specific features. These seminars and training courses are normally held in Japanese. For details, please click here(Japanese website) .

Customized Training

In addition to regular seminars and training courses, JCR, upon request, arranges a customized training program and/or sends our staff as a lecturer to seminars and training courses to meet our clients’ specific needs.

JCR has a group of specialists in credit risk analysis. Over thirty years, we have rated not only corporates and financial institutions but also investment corporations, FILP agencies, sovereign, MDBs, structured finance, project finance, asset finance. We are also quickly building up our expertise in new fields such as ESG and green finance.

By sharing our expertise, we aim to help enhance our clients’ various analytical capacity, especially on the credit risk. Of course, we would be happy to arrange a program for introductory financial analysis. Please let us know your needs first, and we will consult with you how best we could help. Please contact here .