Information Services

An Expert of Risk Assessment – JCR (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd.) –
For maximum convenience of the investors, JCR serves its credit rating releases and related information that it holds in abundance and all kinds on its website, information vendors, and other channels.

[Fax Dispatching Service]

As per request JCR sends its facsimile News Release (in Japanese language) to designated FAX numbers, at the same time as it is released at Tokyo Stock Exchange Press Club (Kabuto Club).
As paper media it has high transferability and shareability and it is hence convenient for the users who want News Release in printout.

Annual service fee: YEN95,000 (plus tax) (YEN70,000/ addressee, if recipient is plural.)

***This service is currently provided only in Japanese.

[Information Dissemination Via Media]

JCR disseminates its credit rating information not only on its website but also through the electronic media with global networks, as follows:

Media Correspondents

  • Bloomberg (Search Code: RESP JCRA (for Japanese), RESP JCR (for English)
  • QUICK (Search Code: QR (for Japanese), QQ (for English)
  • Reuters
  • JIJI Press
Please contact: Information Services Department

Telephone: +81 3 3544 7013
FAX : +81 3 3544 7026