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Ancillary Services

Customers’ Financial Strength Assessment Service

This service provides creditors and lenders with an objective estimation of the financial strength of a given corporation of their concern.

JCR SME Rating

This service provides SMEs with an objective estimation of the creditworthiness, by using our unique statistical credit risk assessment model.

Credit Risk Estimation Model

This service provides a model for credit risk assessment on the users’ customers and suppliers. This service also provides support for model development or for introduction of the ready-made product using our credit risk estimation model.

Assessment of Financial Strength or Creditworthiness

These services provide evaluation of financial strength for municipal governments over financial institutions, private credit assessment or credit assessment by scenarios.

Servicer Rating

This service provides a servicer with the assessment of its servicing ability in a broad sense, including backup servicing and other servicing business.

Information Services

These services provide various kinds of information relating to credit ratings through JCR’s website and information vendors.