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Publication of “Asia Credit Rating Guidebook” by ACRAA
Nov. 25, 2016
On November 21, 2016, the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia (ACRAA) held its 15th anniversary international symposium entitled “New Horizons for Credit Ratings” in Manila, the Philippines. Attended by the representatives from ACRAA member rating agencies, regulators and financial institutions from Asia, and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), this symposium discussed the important roles credit ratings play for the development of financial markets as well as the financial stability in Asia.

In the midst of the event, the co-chairs of its New Horizons Committee, JCR and Taiwan Rating Corp (TRC), announced the publication of the “Asia Credit Rating Guidebook”, ACRAA’s milestone publication commemorating its 15th anniversary. This Guidebook aims to showcase the mandatory rating requirements in 14 jurisdictions across Asia and the profile of 28 credit rating agencies operating in those jurisdictions. For those who are interested, please contact JCR at <satoshi.nakagawa@jcra.com>.

As the leading credit rating agency with more than 60% of rating coverage in Japan, JCR is enhancing its network with ACRAA member rating agencies in emerging market countries so as to support Japanese companies’ global business development and Japanese investors’ foreign investment decisions. Compilation of the Asia Credit Rating Guidebook is led by JCR as one of such initiatives. To be embraced by Japanese companies and investors as the most useful credit rating agency, JCR will continue to provide information on the credit rating industry in Asia including mandatory rating requirements.

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