News Release

Oct. 23, 2017
JCR Upgraded Rating on SUMCO from BBB+/Positive to A-/Stable and from J-2 to J-1
Dec. 06, 2016
JCR Affirmed BBB+/Positive and J-2 on SUMCO
Jul. 13, 2015
JCR Affirmed BBB+, J-2 Ratings on SUMCO; Revised Outlook to Positive
Apr. 02, 2015
SUMCO's Announcement of Public Offering
Jun. 20, 2014
JCR Downgraded Rating on SUMCO from A-/Negative and J-1 to BBB+/Stable and J-2
May. 13, 2013
JCR Affirmed A-/Negative Long-term Issuer Rating on SUMCO
Feb. 02, 2012
JCR Downgraded Rating on SUMCO from A/Negative to A-/Negative
Dec. 08, 2010
Revised rating on SUMCO from A+/Negative to A/Negative
Oct. 16, 2009
Assigned preliminary A+ rating to shelf reg. of SUMCO
Sep. 16, 2009
Affirmed A+ and J-1 rating on SUMCO; Revised outlook to Negative
May. 29, 2008
Upgraded rating on SUMCO to A+/Stable from A/Positive
Jun. 18, 2007
Assigned preliminary A rating to shelf registration of SUMCO
May. 29, 2007
Affirmed A on sr.debts of SUMCO and Revised outlook to Positive